Ideas for a coding Language in hopscotch?


I am experimenting with making a HS based coding language, I was wondering if anyone had ideas/tips?


Binary!!! Yay!!


Uhhhhh NOT BINARY!!!! Sorry :sweat:


Anymore ideas?? HITN20C?


What do you mean?


JavaScript? Yay!!!!!


Maybe rubyon rails?
Or....... Scratch?
Ruby on rails, swift and objective C
That would be like the real thing!, beware, it takes about half a million linesof code!


That is it so far.


NO. I have a picture.


Ehhh nah! To hard I have a photo.


python? html? (those are the only text based ones I can say that I can actually make stuff in, but I'm also working on javascript now, it's a lot harder to get started, but object oriented (aka what you're typically doing in hopscotch if you've programmed in it for 20 seconds) is a lot easier in javascript compared to python, and games are impossible in html, but websites are quite easy, each language specializes in something, and python is just kinda, there, I guess, it can be used for everything but is slower than each language is at it's designated task, or you could just be me (pokemon reference because I'm playing pokemon white as I type) gotta catch 'em all! (wow that's cheesy at this point) but in this scenario, just pick one and youtube some tutorials on it, don't ask what programming language you should learn, ask what programming language covers ______ (<--insert thing you're trying to code here) and then I think I can offer a good programming language for you

(note: all of the above are text based, block based are similar to python in functionality)


Then if hast is too hard and nmo bianary than what dfo you mean by language?
Or python. That works good...


can you explain what ur doing? I still don't understand...
but it sounds cool! Can I collab? (if you want to... IDK if u say no)


I am making the coding language in Hopscotch.


oh, (oops, misunderstood the title, I sec)

ok, title is clearer now (I've always wanted to do that, now I can =D)


On MAKING a language...


I misunderstand because the title is" coding language?"


The language so far has a: Character that can change to have different game properties, the setup values for new characters.


re-make objective-c in hopscotch then make hopscotch on your obj-c program xD


Ruby on rails
(hehe, good luck with cloud variables.....)