Ideas for 3.33.4

Guten tag (yes, I learned a tiny bit of German)! 3.33.3 is here with Max and Min blocks, but, there are some ideas I want to be sharing (including your’s), so, let us go!

My ideas:

  1. The flip over block: Useful for flipping a sprite over (you can change the dropdown from"smooth" to “rough”)
  2. The Gray blocks: They are the extensions, just like on Scratch!
  3. The Black blocks: They are called Black blocks because there is one block, and it crashes the game.

Why are they useful?

Because, say, you are making a platformer, and you want a way to have the player die when they fall off the screen, you could use them. The end of my ideas, reply your ideas.

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Nice ideas! I moved them to the topic suggested by @tankt2016 as it is more active and has more posts. Feel free to discuss your ideas there! If you have any questions, just ask :slight_smile: