Ideas and Questions (about Hopscotch)



So I just got this program and I love it. It is amazing. I have made like 10 different games in no time at all. At the same time I have like a billion ideas and questions, things i have noticed while using it. I will start with a few of them here.

Center images: I notice it is strange that you can’t set a ‘focal point’ for an object / image. The focal point is set to the center i suppose, but often I might want it to be slightly off center, in a lot of games I used to make the characters center of gravity might be higher up in their chest. Sometimes it is cooler to have an object rotate around a point that is not it’s center. This can be coded, but it is very complex to code this and i don’t want to do that over and over for every new game. This object ‘focal point’ has lots of uses.

Set background color: It’s strange that the background is white and you can’t change the color. U can use a custom image to do this, yet it would be more simple if you could just chose from a color plate if you wanted the background to be black or light blue instead of white for example.

Copy large segments of ‘code’: This might need some larger ‘select’ feature for selecting large code segments and copying them.

Copy ‘code’ from one draft into another:
It would be cool if the copy button/tab would do this automatically, if the ‘copy log’ or whatever saves the code/info from the ‘journey’ from one game draft to the daft menu, to another game draft. I’ve created about 10 different games, and also have like 50 backup files, often this is useful because on project might get out of hand with extra variables and it will crash while running, but i would be able to find the source of the problem, sometimes it just gets too complex and it is hard to fix it, it is easier to just go back to an earlier draft. this happens allot with any kind of game making software i use. It helps to be able to copy lots of code and or game objects from one game to another, I am often rewriting large segments of code because i used them in one game and realized they would be useful in a new game. or maybe the game go out of hand and crashes and i am starting the project over from an earlier save.


Good ideas! I’m gonna tag @Ana, @Rodrigo, and @Liza from the Hopscotch Team. They might want to see this.

Welcome to the forum! And Hopscotch!

Welcome to the forum!

Just tag me if you need any help, and I know some cool fonts, too.

<a> makes aqua text </a>

Aqua!! There also used to be red, green, and blue colors, but I think it messed up the color scheme of the forum or something.

You can just type random letters for that, too. Just keep the thingies at the end.

# type # and a space for big bold text


<big> makes big text </big>

<sub> makes low and small text </sub>
Regular text vs. sub text
There’s one to make the text high and small, too, but I forget it.

** this text will be bold **
Bold text!

*this text will be italicized*

<s> strikethrough text </s>

<u>this text will be underlined</u>
Underlined text!
Okay, on second thought, maybe they deleted that font trick…

Here’s a link to a topic on more cool fonts, even though I probably covered a lot of them.

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If you want, you can join the OMTL here.
There should be a “join” button on that page somewhere, in addition to the OMTL guidelines.

And then there’s the POMTL (Project Official Mass Tag List), tagged by a person who made a project who would like constructive criticism or tips on improving on his or her coding. This one consists of 61 people.
You can join here.
Again, don’t tag it for random things and leave the OMTL and POMTL if you leave the forum.

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Community Guidelines


Cool ideas, especially the focal point one.
I think you can’t copy code from draft to draft because you might copy something. For example, if someone wanted to recreate a project (let’s use one of my featured projects) like my Shape art dragon, without figuring it out for themselves, or having the remix bar at the top, they could save it as a draft and then be able to just copy the code from certain shapes and paste that code into a different draft and maybe change around a few things like color or a certain shape somewhere or something to make it seem like they made it themselves and didn’t rip off my project.
If copying things like that wouldn’t have been an issue, I’d definitely be up for having that feature. Overall, I think those are some pretty neat ideas.
You could tag the OMTL or POMTL, I think some people in those lists would be interested in this.

Also, welcome to Hopscotch and the forum. I’m FearlessPhoenix, tag me as @FearlessPhoenix if you need anything or want someone to talk to. See ya around!


Just use a draw a trail block with the width set to something 3000 or greater.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys
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Those are really good ideas! I am also happy to hear that you are enjoying Hopscotch.

Isn’t it somewhere about 2900?


Yes, I meant to type 3000. I’ll fix that.


I just figured out, this works great for setting background color: If i have an image i really like, and i want to ‘extend’ the background color of that image. I just add new image, I re-add the same image, but this time i zoom in really far on the corner of the image, hopscotch will crop the image for you, this way it will crop to just a square of the color / the background pattern that i want. it works great.

then i use the code to center the image, and make it larger. also i can push the image out of the way when i am editing the game, and the ‘center’ function will place it back to center when game runs.


While creating a solid background color is easy enough:


You may be interested in this topic, which is similar to your use of zoomed images.