Ideas about adding new things to Hopscotch!



Hi Everyone!
I think that on Hopscotch there would be a thing where you can see how many people you follow and who you follow, and a thing that shows who follows you and how many people follow you. This would be really helpful, so if you like this idea or have other ideas that could be added onto Hopscotch you can reply to this! Maybe if you like some of these ideas you can actually add them on to Hopscotch @Liza!

Should people see how many people followers you have

I know! I want a thing where you can see your followers and the people you follow. That would be so awesome because then you wouldn't have to make a list on paper. (I tried too but it's SO HARD)


I think there is a topic about this already. :wink:


I know! I've tried too, I just stopped because I was so hard!


I was just to make a topic about something similar to this


There is already a topic about this, remember to search before you post :wink: and also, it would be cool but if someone has like 3 followers and someone else has like 5,000+ it might make the person with 3 feel bed :frowning: