Idea/Project Trade!


This is where you have an idea swap! You challenge someone else to do a project, and in return, they challenge you!

They can add any rules to the challenge.

For example:
Person 1:
@person2 I challenge you to make a trail art of a Pokemon! You have 3 days and you can only use 3 colors! Good luck! :+1:

Person 2:
Wow! That'll be fun! Hmm, Person 1, you have to make an RGB drawing pad! You have 3 days as well!


You can also trade drafts! You start a project, then hand it over to another person! They have to finish your project, and you have to finish one of theirs!

Rule/Twist: You cannot tell them what you were planning on making when you give it to them!

They have to finish it on their own! It could be a million times different than what you had planned, but that's the fun of it!

Person 1:
@person2 Here is my draft: (link here). Try to finish it!

Person 2:
OK Person 1! Here is my project: (link here) You finish this!


Can I do it? I don't currently have any projects

(Pic of me, I tried covering my face up and still make it look like a facepalm)
But I can finish one of urs


Why are you trying to cover your face?


Personal info stuff. Liek mah face :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But why are you trying to take a picture of your face


References, to mah face


So who wants to trade? (With me or anyone else)