Idea of custom characters

Maybe there could be a character creator? You can create your custom character and set it as your profile picture or put it in a project? Maybe this can be a subscription only thing? And maybe they could choose to showcase their character and any other users can use it in their own projects if they save it and it could be in the custom part of objects

I say that the people with the subscription can save up to 10 custom character and can create multiple, and non-subscribers can save something like 1 character. I expect it to be the fun cartoon like characters like the original hopscotch characters and it’s 2D, we could have like special costumes when there’s like a special event like Halloween costumes if it’s Halloween. I think different animals should be allowed and extra things like animal ears or things so you can create a hybrid.

What do you think?

What do you think?
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I like this idea.


if you are talking about images, then nah. but if you are talking about something like a clip art editor(like scratch’s shape editor) then i would like that. one, you get more possible shapes and two, many character s can be finally made(which need certain small details)


To use it for a video game would be cool


This would be cool to have


Thanks, and also welcome back!