Idea- New Characters!


Wouldn't it be great if you could make your OWN hopscotch characters? Star Girl's Bro? Chillana's Dog? Bear's Mom? Well, you can't, but, it would be cool, so this is why I opened this topic!! make a drawing on hopscotch, paper, or whatever u want, type a bit about him or her, and just MAYBE the hopscotch team will ad your characters!


Please search before you post!


What do you mean?l Sorry, I'm new on the forum, and Quite young...


Oh that's fine that you're new! Plus, I should start off saying WELCOME!
So you will see a magnifying glass at the top right corner of your screen. If you want to make a new topic, click on the magnifying glass to check if it has already been posted!


Okie :grinning: Wanna be forum/hopscotch friends?? BTW my hopscotch name is NewYearTaco🌮 P.s: I LOVE your projects!!


I'm friends with everyone!
I really like your Light Saber Whip!


Lol, I'm gonna be making it into a game soon!! XD it was meant to say wip (which stands for work in progress) but autocorrect 'saved' me by making it whip!!!