[Idea] Multi-project copying



So whenever you copy code in one project it doesn’t seem to be pasteable in another project. I wish this to be fixed. And yes, I do know you can copy projects and have seperate ones, but I want to completely re-format it but copy over a lot of the code.


This is a good point, and I have thought about this. However, this would make it super easy for people to copy and plagerize code once the remix bug I don’t fixed. I think it would be great if THT could make this happen, but only make it possible for you to copy code from your own projects.


Either that or have it to where when you copy code from someone else’s project there’s an undeletable, uneditable text object that says “credit to _____”


I have thought of this before. Good idea.


Yeah, but it would be nice to be able to copy & paste code from other projects if you just want to use a small piece of the code (such as bold text, a trail art thing, or any specific piece of code you want to reuse) so you wouldn’t have to remix the whole project or copy the code manually. There are some people who wouldn’t give credit, which is sad, but I don’t know, I think it would useful


Yeah, I totally know what you mean. I think that would be helpful too, but it would be hard to enforce a limit so people don’t copy entire projects. If people didn’t plagerize code, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if we let them do it, I just think it would make it all to easy for people to steal ideas.


You could make an ability you can ‘import’ into other projects… Hmmmm.
That’s a good idea actually. Someone should make it a topic.


Actually I had that same idea.
like a file you download

That’s kinda ironic that we both had the idea considering what the idea is


I fail to see the irony but okay.


Because it’s an idea about copying and we had the same idea…



Yes, just like the remix sign…however, people may use glitches and find their way around it, which would really get people mad…just like the remix sign.

What if you could have a setting on either each project or on your profile if you want your code to be free to use? (Allow or disable copy and paste or remixing from other users)


What counts as your own projects though? If you really want it’s possible to remove the remix tag without using the remix tag bug.


This would be cool but people would copy the code and no credit would be given to the original creator. However maybe you could have an option to ask the creator for permission and if they said yes the app would let you copy/paste.


This is a great idea! THT could also add an option where you publish your project, which can choose if the Hopscotcher want their code in the project to be copied by others.


I wish this was a real thing! I have a project I am working on and I have to keep going back and forth…
I think plagarizing would be a bigger problem than it is now, though. So either we do the permission thing or you can only copy/paste from your own drafts and published projects.


i do wish this was a real thing but others may copy and paste your code into theirs. Maybe THT can make it so that you can only copy and paste your own projects?


Yeah, or make it say ‘credit of (name)’ somewhere.


I like this idea!

@KayKat how about it’s only possible within your own projects? That could help??


Yeah, that’s what I said.


Oh oops sorry XD