Idea: How hopscotch could publish apps for money



Making the app would be a huge step and alot of effort, i do not say that it doesn't but puting the apps in should be the easiest part.
Why would making projects into apps be so difficult?
It can be just like when you search the featured bar.
They remove the see code bar and it's just like an app.
They would just need to import them.


It's a lot harder than that. Then you have to make the price tag, you have to make sure the money gets to the right place, etc. it's extremely hard.


Why are you talking about money?
I was talking about the projects.
I already said putting prices was a bad idea

But anyways, thanks for the comments but I got an idea wich is 20 times simpler. Thanks to the comments my idea got better.


You know about Codeacademy! :hushed: :hushed:


Same here, it's suprising how many people know it, its a good start but not a finish like hopscotch, in hospotch your easy code turn into a cool project


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It is but it is actually a work in progress but they are just adding new languages and courses.


It's blocked out because Hopscotch thinks that it may be aimed at someone.


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Yeah Hopscotch is a place for learning how to code, and made for us who don't know how to make pro apps so that we can learn more about coding and be able to do so when we're older and more experienced :smiley:

I do not mind so much about paid apps and in fact I'm more than willing to pay to thank or support the developers of an app! It takes a lot of their time and so much effort and love has been put into it like Hopscotch, so that's why I pay for paid characters or apps themselves :smile:

Hopscotch projects are amazingly awesome though and they're more for us to share with each other and learn from each other, instead of selling.


Of course I would pay for Hopscotch!


Hopscotch is a place where you create projects, play in projects, and test codes. The hard working projects actually deserve a small app that Hopscotch creates. Hopscotch can have a spot where you can chat with advanced codes ONLY when you need help or anything Hopscotch-like. And another spot where you view the hard working projects. And another spot with some tips from coders.We could have some achievements to have in the original Hopscotch app. Like badges, example: Nice Project: Earn 15+ likes on a project.. __granted. GreatPlays: Have at least 100 plays in a project.___granted


Awesome idea @TromaxTheDestroyer
I read the whole thing and I agree! It would be so cool if this was possible :smiley:
But since this is a hopscotch AppStore we should, think over this money idea, and by that I mean the "hopscotchers earning money" idea, I'm totally ok with hopscotch getting credit and money but I don't know if we should pay for playing others creations, just a suggestion
This is basically How @Kiwicute2015 and @t1_hopscotch said
Please don't think I'm being mean:cry::cry::cry:
And if you're a bit... Angry, sorry:pensive:


**yeah I agree but it will be hard
Just one question how do u start a chat:question::question:**


@Wowwoman You mean a topic?
If you're talking about a topic then keep reading.
Click on the 3 bars on the top right.

It will pop up options, click latest

Then click ask a question wich actually means create a topic. Because you don't only ask questions


Thanks so much loads yayy


This is an old topic.
I said I was going to make a newer version with ideas rethinked and pictures.
The newer version is:
Play time/App browser with :city_sunrise:


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I think that hopscotch should make another app in wich the most viewed and most liked games, and other stuff can be played for free. Things like lemonade stand from madi for example. You only need to see an advertation before you can play. (A lot of people who don't want to spend their money do this, so there can be made effort (wait! Did I spell it correctly? Because english isn't my main language) out of it).


@SQUISHY, maybe if when hopscotchers make these apps, in the description it won't include the creators age :slightly_smiling: