Idea: Hopscotch Web App!


I think it would be awesome to have on android tho nobody in my family uses android, I find it so hard XD

That would bring a lot more users!

A web would be cool too!


Yeah, it could run on all types of browsers!


Yeah, my friend used to hate Apple but he now has an iPhone and an Apple Watch! Weird.


Cool idea!

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That would help the Android Revolution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really cool idea @LiveG! I want Hopscotch on the computer so I can code on it at the library!

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Yeah, Android's equivalent is Pocket Code. It has limited possibilities though.


Thanks! I think the library is a good place to code. It's quiet so you can concentrate!


This is a really cool idea! And maybe they could add an Apple Watch app to see your likes, follows and play projects on the go?


That would be good!

I may be pushing it a bit too far...
Imagine viewing and editing projects on it!
Maybe you could make projects optimised for the Apple Watch. (Square!)


It's a great idea, but...

Expanding costs lots of money, and from my knowledge, THT aren't getting much of it. Also, the app code would have to be translated and reprogrammed, and yeah.

Even if they had the money, it would be a while before they finished.


If they put it under their domain name, it would be free.
They seemed to code the player well!


This sounds awesome I toatally agree withthis


Thanks! I think I've got some design ideas for the website.


It isn't free to make web apps... It would be a lot of money, and a lot of work. They would have to basically rewrite hopscotch?


Microsoft ftw but Apple is okay
Tags @danyatie XD


Mmm, but they could just use the good ol' HTML and use Google's Blockly!


You are saying they would rewrite the entire of Hopscotch in Blockly? That just makes it harder, almost impossible. And HTML is a markup, not a language. HTML gives the structure of a webpage, saying what on the page is where, not anything interactive or what anything does.

They would, like they did for the web player, have a javascript library to process Swift and Objective C code, and probably write their own library for connecting the two, and then change around all the functions and base code.

And it would still cost, no matter what. Paying people to make web apps costs money.


Good point. There must be a way... Maybe DIVs that can be dragged around the place and put in a special order.


I know that Kano's Make Apps was free... I've been to their HQ.