Idea for the forum! (Suggested by Jazz)



So in the General Discussion Topic, @Jazz had a great idea!
Maybe we can make some sort of a thing for allowing a particular user’s projects viewable online in the way individual projects can been viewed/played? Basically a “user profile” page? link to the original post
What do you think?
@omtl sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged


that seems awesome!


Yeah but someone gotta do it lol


Don’t forget to tag THT members…and then exercise patience. Changes take time. There will be a lot of discussion about pros and cons long before any code is implemented to add it…if it seems to be beneficial.

Thanks for starting the discussion!


What do you think about this?


I think this would be a great idea personally


Yeah it is… because I really want to see my old projects but don’t have hs anymore.


Well jazz I think what we can do till then is make a topic where everyone can put links to their topics.


That’d be cool to have!


That would be really cool!


Noice :ok_hand:


This will be linked to our emails or we link them to our hs accs?


Great idea!



That would actually be really cool


Probably it will use the Hopscotch user id, which you can find in you settings > about in Hopscotch.


It is possible through some work already, actually. You just need a few tokens, some auth IDs, some more stuff, blah blah more stuff, etc.


Yeah, I actually thought about doing that myself earlier.


I recalled you having that idea