Idea for saved values( no changing when a project restarts)


@Rodrigo @Liza
If values could be made that don't change when a project starts or restarts, then high scores, music or other data could be saved. This could enable projects like playing music on a piano and the music is saved when publishing so it can be played back when a project restarts. There's lots of possibilities.
If you haven't already, could THT consider adding this ability in a future update


They haven't.
This would be nice!


Do you know that? Or guessing? :stuck_out_tongue:

That's a really cool idea!


Wouldn't it be on Hopscotch or in the beta if it was already added?


Doesn't mean they haven't considered it.

And there're probably loads of things they've considered that aren't on the Βετα but may be soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn't say they didn't consider it.


Le cough ^^^^^^^^


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I can't wait for this to be added :wink:


What does "Senpai" mean?


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In fact, it's not just that, that values aren't restarted, but is a whole new functionality of saving data. What you're saying it's not as usable, because then, values won't be really restarted, which is not something that you really want. What you want is to actually decide when to save a value. So yes, we have considered it. Is one of the most exciting features we think can come in the mid-term.


I don't really you mean cloud variables?


I meant values that the player can have the choice to save.
I should have explained clearer to Rodrigo to begin with

I mean a value that's stored in the project , like a cloud value.
A cloud value is stored on a server.
A saved value would be stored on the project.


Like set value? Jk I know what you mean. That might take a while though. Idk. I'm not tht.