Idea for hopscotch -



When you tap the button on a remix it goes to the profile of the person who made the original project

But I have this idea

Instead it should be where it just goes to the original project

Idk if anyone else thinks it good

What do you think?

  • Good idea!
  • Good idea, but I prefer it how it is
  • Why would you want that?
  • Not a good idea

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That is a good idea, I have thought about this before. The current button says who the project was remixed from, so it makes to go to that person’s profile. If the button did go to the original project, maybe it should say something like “Original project by [name]”

By the way I renamed the topic to make it more descriptive. Feel free to tweak it if you like :)

I didn’t say you should change it back- well, nevermind.


I came up with this idea


Oh sorry

I can change it to something else


That is different I think. @CheckyWecky’s idea is to go just to the original project, not all the remixes.

Try to summarise your idea in one sentence. ‘Idea for Hopscotch’ does say what the topic is about (which is an idea) but it doesn’t say what the idea is. It may also be hard to find the topic because the title is pretty generic.


This is a good idea! I’ve thought about it before, but never remembered to mention it. It’d be useful, because then you could see how much the remix changed the code, and you could find the original to see it for yourself.


So should I change it or not?


Both the ideas by @CheckyWecky and @FluffyMice are really awesome!


That’s a cool idea. I’ve seen remixes of other projects and it would be nice to be able to go straight to the original so you can see what the person added and maybe add onto the original project too :smile: