Idea for a telemarketing game


Can someone good at making interactive stories consider making a telemarketing game.
You have characters of different races.
When a customer says "Not interested" you have another telemarketer of a different race call and ask the same question. You then have the player repeat this 20 - 30 times. You make a 10000-1 odds of getting a sale. When you make a sale you have 20 other companies offering the same product call the customer and ask the same question with different telemarketers of different races.
Also have a Rage meter that fills every time the customer is called. The game ends if the Rage meter reaches 100%


Rage meter sounds funny. Idk why..."'OMG STOP CALLING ME AHHHH'. Game over."

I love this concept. I don't think I can do that, though. Just not really my style.


this happens to me in real life