Idea for a new category: Ideas!



So I personally end up having lots of ideas for Hopscotch including searching code and a set image block. But there hasn't been a category for that. I think we need an "ideas" category so the THT can hear all of the awesome ideas Hopscotchers get, all in one place!


Yes . A category for an idea like this one xD


Searching code? Fill


This is actually a really good idea.
That's too ironic and meta. XD


When I say searching code, I mean search for specific code in your project.


I hope this idea comes around soon! I don't know where I would put Hopscotch related ideas...


A:"i want a multiplayer block!"
B:"i want a multiplayer block!"
C:"i want a multiplayer block!"

this could turn into blocksworld.


There used to be the #feature_suggestions tag but this would be helpful – I wouldn't know which category to put ideas in either :thinking: