Idea for a hopscotch update!


@Liza and @alish! I have an idea for hopscotch! I think that there should be an option to classify multiple things and only have to write one rule for that classification. Like, you could classify things and then be able to make a rule for the objects in that class. And an all option (for that idea). Also I think there should be a "strong" leave a trail block that cannot be overrode. By any object. I hope you use these ideas in the next update!

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Nice idea, though the classify idea could still be used in this current Hopscotch version. But, it would be nice to add a certain classify block/option, so, that could still be added. Also the "strong" trail could be done by drawing with clones, but like before, it's always good to have a shortcut.

You will not know how many times this feature would've helped me out, Hopscotch, so, it would be really nice to have these added. Also, copying code. I know that you guys also said you were gonna add that, and it would REALLY make projects faster. (Maybe you already added them in an update that I haven't got yet...) But don't rush yourself, for either of them.


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Should I do a post other people can edit? So they can add their ideas? (Still testing out my new Regular powers).

I think they should keep the new avatar profile pictures, but bring back the old. And I think they should have draft files so you can sort your drafts; @SmileyAlyssa said she had about 500 drafts. And I think they should have music notes. And I think The Hopscotch Team should publish more often. And I think people should be able to comment on your projects. But it would be filtered out if they said it was the worst project ever, or if they said they hated it, or if they said it was a bad project, etc. - @tankt2016

I agree -@JaggedJeans

Yeah, and it would be filtered out if they said the user was weird, mean, a bully, a hacker, stupid, or used any curse words or insulted the Hopscotcher. -@tankt2016


Yea, that would be really cool, actually.


that's a really good idea, i could use it!!!!!!!!!!