Idea: Featured projects on profile


This is a pretty popular idea. I was bored so I decided to make this.

In my mind, it would look something like this.

If you click the little pen, it would probably somehow give you the option to change the project, and to edit the description.

If you look at some else’s, it would look like this.

If you have any Hopscotch ideas you’d like me to create, tell me. I actually really like making these images.




We need to work on this together, let’s make a topic
I have a bujillion ideas

The marvel POP app is super rad


Heyo @Petrichor ima make a topic about imporovements and ideas for Hopscotch, is that all good?

I’ll be putting in all them ideas
I’ll also have categories for where the improvements take place:
• Coding Blocks
• Player
• Editor
• Navigating Hopscotch
• UI


Nah, too much work.
There should be like a bio on your profile, and like a summary of the user.


@Jonnygamer SBYP

There should be a debugging navigator where you see your code as you run your game, there should be a history navigator
There should be archived code
Player capacity increase


Ooh hooo, I’ll add those
I don’t think anyone’s done a complete list of Hopscotch updaters yet :thinking::thinking::thinking: hmm


Hmmm, neither
I know people have just added some ideas here and there, but you should do like one list in total.
@Petrichor could assist with the visual representations, he’s good at it.


heres my little mockup.


I think you should expand this idea so you can put any project there, not just featured. Maybe have a tab on your profile with all of your featured


That is a nice idea! I would prefer if it the caption wasn’t a whole project, however. Maybe the design could be like this:

(when a project get featured, it gets a little text above it and if you tap it, you can view a detailed description of it).


That’s what I meant.




Oh sorry. I must have not read something


Oh wait, I thought you meant it had to be a featured project on the HS featured page, you just mean featuring it(as in displaying it) at the top of your profile


That’s a nice idea! More things to say too! I really get annoyed when I try to put everything in the title of the project and it becomes like: Trail ar…ment!


This is a pretty cool idea!

I think it would really personalize Hopscotch a little more and allow coders to add a special individual flair to their projects! Some projects can get pretty similar in terms of code and idea, so I feel this feature could really help with differentiating!!!


You can make a religion out of this


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