Idea: Connecting players while playing the same project


So, my idea is that we could have a rule that lets other people connect while playing the same Hopscotch game.

  • I love the idea
  • I think it’s fine
  • I do not like the idea
  • I hate the idea
  • I would like to add some stuff to the idea

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  1. connect how
  2. it needs to be censored
  3. hopscotch is meant to be simple. if you want multiplayer, youre in the wrong place.

cool idea though,

also scratch has a pretty good system for this type of thing. you might want to look into that, the only problem is it requires some complex coding

also i love pusheen


Cool Idea!
It would be awesome if there was a way to code that into a project somehow!


That would be… quite difficult I think…


It’s to much work for the poor hopscotch team.
Right no whey have so much to do like fix trending, have a look at many concerning bugs and issues with both the player and editor, and lots more.

It would probably bring a cyber bullyin g risk and the forum would be less used. Afterall, that’s what the forum is for. To talk about games. If creators of games would like to have ‘other users’ play simultaneously, than I believe that it would be their responsibility to incorporate an AI system, for such a replacement.


also the cost

they would need some more servers and