Idea/Complaint for The New Update



I know that you have probably gotten a WHOLE LOT of complaints already about the new update... But it really is kinda bad. When you make a project, like a drawing, you can only see a TINY amount of it! I hope that the size issues can be changed. If you can change the size back, that would be great! I think that it is kinda good to be able to turn the iPad or iPhone the upwards direction, but not like this. I personally liked it better when it was long ways. Here is my idea:
If you turn it long ways(upward), than there should be only one project showing per row, and the size shouldn't change.
I really hope that you like this idea, and change Hopscotch back the way it was before the update. Thank you!
- A Distressed Fuzzy5


There is another topic about this called the new update:feelings.


You can size it, according to Thomas.


So is the update good or not? I haven't tried yet, seen lots of complaints about it, what do you guys think? Should I update it?


I dint likethe new update the coding is so confusing but if u are drawing u can flip ur I pad to not being and I phone...


Yes! You should get it! It is amazing! I asked THT about it, and they fave me an explaination, amd I finally understand it! You definitely have to get it! It helps a ton while coding!


Ok, so did they tell you why everything is now in portrait orientation? Was it intentional? I saw the update on my sister's iPad and it looked messed up.. Also all of the tutorials went away, not really a problem for me but it's sometimes nice to be able to learn new things without having to go to like let's say YouTube, where I believe the tutorials also are.


They are, by the way.
I don't really mind them being there, but what if new Hopsoctchers don't even know they exist? They won't get the help from the videos expect the two that are left.
Oh well. I bet THT is gonna make videos using the new editor. Just so you know, they took the videos away because they would be confusing since the editor's different now.


Ah yes, make sense. The current tutorials were a bit outdated anyways, blocks of code had been renamed over different updates, a bit confusing at first


They didn't explain that... But I think it is because of the iPhone version. iPhones work better in vertical position anyways... I don't really have a problem with it. The only thing is, if you are really lazy, you have to hold up the iPad if you don't have a rotating case. But that is only if you are lazy... Hope that helped!