Idea: Comment on Hopscotch projects


Sorry in advance for the dodgy editing.

This is an idea: add comments to Hopscotch projects. In my mind, they’d look something like this:

Then, when you tap the blue comments text, it would show you the comments.

There would probably be a limit on how deep nested replies can be, or maybe they just won’t exist.
If you tap the comment button, it would bring up something like this:

It would have a filter that acts the exact same way as the one for projects. So, if someone says something the filter catches, this is what they’ll see:
And this is what everyone else will see:

And if it’s somehow got through, if enough people report it it will go away.
Anyway, that would mean that literally all arguments I’ve ever seen against this idea are invalid.

The Hopscotcher's Guide: Topics and More!

I like this idea. I also want a follower count.


I love this idea! Great visuals!!!


That seems like an amazing idea set up in a way that will make it work!


ekekekkeksksksss doooo it!!!


Same but as everybody keeps reminding me: it won’t happen.


Amazing!! I would love that!! (As well as a follower count)


Wooooah! Now here’s an idea, every project has a secret topic on the discourse forum, and that’s where the comments go.

The comment button on each project would be a link to a topic on the HS forum


That would clutter the forums. And a lot of people, kids especially, probably aren’t allowed to get a forums account.


I think that would be good @hopscotch-curators ?


That’s a great idea btw how do I put a reply on global edit?


You have to be a reg


I want this.


Interesting concept. Doubt it will happen but it would be a really cool feature that would help a lot of people out in the future and publishing games that people want you to reply on, but can only do that by adding text and remixing the project making it a whole lot a trouble to say at least 3 words or something


Great editing! This is a interesting concept that would be really cool to have in Hopscotch!


iv seen this sugested befor. idk it wold come with quite a few problems but i like it anyways


This reminds of when Mario maker had comments…


oh yeah


Yes yes you really do