I'd like to say I'm sorry to all of you guys.... So take some time to read this


I'm not sure if this topic will show up because someone will probably suspend this account but I'm asking you not to so everyone can see this.
I'm been a complete piece of dirty shoe to y'all. I feel really bad for the way I treated some of you guys and it's horrible. Don't get me down because I had a bad day at school today. I just wanna say that I'm outta replies so yeah.
BAS- I'm really really really really sorry for the way I acted towards you. You didn't deserve it AT ALL.
Kiwi- thanks for talking to me the other day, i finally got to tell you things I couldn't say on the forum about what happens with a certain person on musical.ly.
PT- you're an amazing and fun person. Don't let others get the best of you.
Look guys, I hate how I AM! But when BAS and I agreed to ban me, after I happened, some of you were backstabbing me and gossiping about me rudely. I do not tolerate that, and you will be on the list for the rest of my life. So yeah um I don't think I wanna be on HS anymore because it takes up space in my iPad and I'm not sure if I like it anymore, but I don't think I'll delete it just yet. Yeha you all hate me anyways so the mass explosion may have me leave as well
You can do better without me, I'm literally the worst part of the forum
So yeah if you wanna talk to me here you can say it but if you're one of those people on the list I won't respond.
lol don't say anything nice I'm not needed here
@sweetlina wanna know who


Your not the worst part of the forum!!!

Thanks friendship.


What was me. Huh? I'm confused


r u gonna tag the leaders?
Do u think u could get Unsuspended?


You don't think so?

Well you can talk to me anytime you want!


I just wanna say that to me you're really cool and i valued the interactions we've had and that i know ive been rude in the past and im really sorry for that.

Sorry i know you said not to say any nice things sorry.



Personally i always thought you were great so...


You weren't rude what are you even talking about


Like, way back when we first met, i guess i just didnt express it very much??


Now we're friends thiugh


Yeah! :DDD