Icon ideas for HS?


Well, I just got some cool icon ideas:
Abstract images with a style similar to the ones you can create here: https://msurguy.github.io/triangles/. Abstract backgrounds are cool, modern and also beautiful in my opinion.

Host an avatar challenge. Maybe host a challenge where Hopscotchers could code a profile picture. THT would pick one or multiple winners that will get their project as a profile picture available for subscribers and non-subscribers.

Those are two ideas I think would be cool to have in Hopscotch!


low poly?
goooood ideaa


I made this


i made a thing that does that on HS
Low Poly BG Generator
or sth like that


Profile pictures from that generator would be extra cool as they would be made in Hopscotch. I think I haven’t seen your generator on Hopscotch yet, but I will make sure to check it out!

That is a cool image and it also the kind profile picture that I thought of.


Yayayayayayayayayayayaya cool!


This topic is iconic




Eyy!! Another dead topic! Who else thought of a zombie profile picture for an HS pfp?


Hmmm maybe we should revive this dead topic


I think they should have animals such as…
A duck (of course)
A giraffe
A horse
A cat
A puppy
A turtle
A llama
Because who doesn’t like animals?


I wanna tag omtl xD I don’t know why