Icon ideas for HS?


Um, I made a few ideas for HS profile icons. You can submit yours here too. I’ll probably add more later.


They really need to get new ones


Id say if they were to make new icons they would have to use the default colors in the color menu code blocks because (fun fact) all of hopscotch uses the same color scheme (including the icons) it’s kinda cool that they do that!


I agree, @BlastFusion, I think as Hopscotch is growing they need to update their icons! More and more people are joining and I think having some fresh, new icons will excite everyone!


That is a really cool icon! It would be cool with new profile pictures, I agree, but I won’t change mine as it is an “original” Hopscotch profile picture of Monkey.


Yes they do! Except I still like the watermelon they have had those icons since 2015 or some of them!


That’s a nice pfp
I wish they had more


Idk if this looks nice but this is my try on a HS pfp…


Mine was cosmic Cody until I accidentally changed it and now it’s just that weird ▇ one


I remember that mine was the tree
until I changed it to seem cooler



That’s really good!


I want the old ones back like the bear or the birds.
That’s a great drawing btw!


Oooh dis topic was dead. Congrats on bringing it back to life @Ducks_Happy :rofl:


Thanks so much
I always walk into dead topics


Here’s another dead topic. Check Blackcats hideout on the moon.

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Okie imma go check!!!


@omtl I Hope your fine with this. I wanna bring back this topic


I like the cool black ones with the neon shapes



I’ve already replied to this topic, although I think that it should be “revived”!