ICodeStuff Coding CHALLENGE

Hey! This topic is about Challenges from ICodeStuff (If you cant read the title). I will Give you challenges so You guys can have fun and do something in hopscotch if you dont know what to do in hopscotch. Anyways Say “i Join” if you want to join Ok. Have a great Day!


You can create a poll asking if they want to join. Just tap the gear icon, select build poll, then enter some options and make the polls public.

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ill wait for joins…


Why didnt i think of that

  • Sure!
  • Ok
  • Nah…

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lol why don’t you make it ‘choose one option’?


I did i edited it lol

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I voted just so i can see ok

if you can’t see that means no one has voted lol

Oh yeah… Your right

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Is it morning in your time?


it’s night here
LGBOT (let’s get back on topic)

Ok… Should i tell the first challenge?

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it’s up to you, but I prefer waiting for someone to join

Ok. ill do what you do if you have a challenge topic. Because to be honest, with all these badges im still a newby

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Wait lemme do something

@Grizzlygoat1 @FRENCH_WAVE123 @Waffle @Crosbyman64 @Electogenius @JumpingCharacter86

Will you guys join?


Idk anybody else. Or maybe those guys are just the ppl i remembered

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No, thank you. I got my own challenges to worry about.

Ok… I Can deal with that…

I have a heavy workload, sorry.