IcicleGirl's forum account welcome post!


Hi! I'm IcicleGirl on hopscotch! Lol dk what to say Bye! And Hi! Lol gimme some tips plz


Hi, I'm RubyStars, welcome to the forum! Feel free to @ me anytime you need help!



Please try to keep it related to HS :wink:


Ok I'll try @Paydent12


Try to keep this related to HC like @Paydent12 said, tips for hopscotch and the forum,
•Don't be mean to others and try to be helpful
•Post hopscotch related posts and keep on topic while replying to other posts
•Don't say swears, don't bully people, don't be inappropriate
Good luck!:smiley: have a nice day


A lot of people have welcome posts lol