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Do you follow me?


Yay 15th first reply!!


Tap the gear on the top of the post!


Summons @tankt2016/@MiracleShoutouts


@tankt2016 has been suspended from the forum at the moment ! She/He will be back soon, I hope !


Wot?! Noooo!
Well I tagged the boy at least


I know ! The girl talks with me a little form time to time ! They are really nice and I cannot believe they have been suspended !


You mean IRL? You know my Cyber Friends irl?


Hello People.
I am bored.
Goes to sleep


Okay, I'm back peeps!


Hai people
@IcePOP I'm back. :unicorn::nerd::horse:!
School is starting again.


Probs the girl. I see nothing wrong with the boy




Wait who are
Soz that I don't know


@KVJ Sorry I that other tag was accidental. I am still figuring out how the forum works.


I'm -IcePOP- on hopscotch


Umm not sure what you're typing about but okay


Doesn't matter. Don't worry bout it


I'm not worried :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: