Icebreaker game for hopscotch


So this is part of a series of games I'm doing on the forum to bring the forum closer together to prevent flame wars:)

how to play

So you write down 3 things about you. 2 are true, 1 is false. Try to make the related to HS or something that most ppl would know . Then someone has to guess which one was the lie. Then someone else goes and it keeps going and going. Once u answer someone's, then u make one. Make sure to tell the person if they were right or not

I'll start
1. I am 12
2. I have gotten featured 0 times
3. I don't even play hopscotch

Which is the lie?

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Games to bring the forum together

I don't even play HS is a lie!

I think

Number 3



Now u can go



  1. I love everyone

  2. I am very social

  3. I have 1 feature


I love everyone....?
I'm guessing



That is the truth

I Try To love everyone


You have one feature?



I Try To love them

I Try my best


That is a lie correct

I have never gotten featured


Yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:
Can I go Ella? No one knows me yet, so I want to sort of introduce myself.
Cook icebreaker!!!

  1. I have my own iPad
  2. My nickname is Enchy
  3. I can do the front handspring


Is it number 3?


Nope. Guess again :D


Number one

I think number one




Correct! c:


Wow! You can do a front handspring? That's so cool!!


I knew it because

You and your sister shares the IPad!


1.i am secretly a bunny who is secretly not a bunny
2.pokemon NO
3.undertale is not hopscotch


Long time no see

I though you left


Thanks! :D
@Sweetlina, yeah. I have to share with my sister IntellegentMelon37 :D