Ice Cream Maker Feedback!


Hai! I made a project 7 weeks ago, I and want to improve it!
More toppings?
Tell me what you think!


Maybe you should make something that can let the player choose what color the ice cream they want. And maybe something like "Stop Drawing" that can make you stop drawing the hot fudg.e and the caramel.

First reply!


Thanks for invite, @minioncandy!

This is an awesome project! Maybe make the choices a bit smaller in size :D


No problem! Idk why but I'm crazy with intiving person this week




Should I add more flavors!
If so, edit them in here!

Flavors :D

Coconut!- Smishy
Hokey Pokey - M.G.
Superman - M.G.
Grasshopper-TGB (look up grasshopper ice cream)
Birthday cake! (I love dat flavor :money_mouth:) -Guess who these pair of jeans are
Grape! - Da person who luvs minions and candies!

Also, add how they should appear in the bowl. @smishsmash. >:D

@AwesomeNachos HSB 40, 10, 100 :D
minioncandy- HSB (280,100,90)
Maybe change the rainbow sherbet?-anonymous


Awesome game! I was thinking that you should allow players to use more candies, cookies and cherries.


Yeah, but I don't know what emojis to use.


Hmm... More toppings? Maybe not use emojis? It looks cleaner without them. And you can't stop drawing after using the sauces, which is a little annoying. Great job!


Hey, why doesn't the details work??


Then what should I use?


@smishsmash edited it. XD


They never worked in teh first place ;-;
I tried fixing them, and failed xD


y is dis global edit wat

your favorite pair of jagged jeans was here


@JaggedJeans this is on global edit because Gary

k -guess who lol į••( į› )į•—

ehhhhh smishy Iā€™m back


There we go :smiley: It's working now


I don't know, just words? Little pictures of the candy? Trail art or shape art?


IDK about shape art.
I have nu sub.


Wait... maybe I can do shape art....


I agree with the Stop Drawing part :D

(By the way thx for the invite)


Thanks for inviting me!


Cool game!

A bug: sometimes if you tap multiple things it glitches. To get around that maybe use a pausing kind of thing where you can only select when it's not drawing?

Still really cool!