Ice breaker game take 2


So this is part of a series of games I'm doing on the forum to bring the forum closer together to prevent flame wars:)
The other one was closed for people sharing personal information so this is take 2. Let's not get this closed

how to play

So you write down 3 things about you. 2 are true, 1 is false. Try to make the related to HS or something that most ppl would know . Then someone has to guess which one was the lie. Then someone else goes and it keeps going and going. Once u answer someone's, then u make one. Make sure to tell the person if they were right or not

I'll start
1. I am 12
2. I have gotten featured 0 times
3. I don't even play hopscotch

Which is the lie?

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2 @Ella_13

  1. I'm 13
  2. I haven't got any Featured
  3. I Have Just Learnt Sin Cos


1:I am a robot
2:I play HS
3:I am friends with @DA-BEASTY


Actually the lie is 3
I do play hopscotch

Is 2 the lie for you?


Is 1 the lie?


Yes. That's very obvious. lol.


I'm going to go with 2 for you, because I've seen you on Featured.

  1. I've gotten 2 projects on Featured.
  2. Both my brothers play Hopscotch.
  3. I have no school today.


@Ella_13 @Serenity
I haven't been on featured
3 is the lie



@IShallNotBeNamed, is it three?


This is a cool idea, it's great to see you making the forums a more friendly place, but I think there's already a topic like this...but it's really old and no one uses it anymore. I suppose it is a good idea to revive the idea. :)
My 3 facts
1. I have had an old account in HS, which was a total failure.
2. I'm very impatient with code, especially pixel art.
3. I have been on rising once.

  1. I joined in May 2016
  2. I have a remixes account
  3. I have never been on Trending


Yes, I've never had a rising.


Uhhhhhhhh number 2?

1.I have trending

2.I'm bad at art

3.I'm eating Mike n Ike's right now

  1. I have a featured


The last one is 4


Actually I searched it up and nothing came up


No, it's number one. I joined in June

EIther one or four for yours.


Whatever. This is a great topic!

  1. i once played hopscotch some gajillion or less years ago and then quit and then came back

  2. I have 5 drawings of a style i call "polygon"

  3. I am regular


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I've had three features, not two. Both my brothers do play Hopscotch—their names are DatOneGuy89 and SagaciousLeopard.