Ian's Disappearence THEORIES?! CHALLENGE



A while ago, my friend showed me a funny comic series about her teacher. Her class thought her teacher was sick, but he had actually quit! While he was gone and before she knew where he was, she and her friend drew some funny comics about where he was. For instance, in one he was at a neverending disco party! So, what if we do something like that? Do it on Hopscotch, Tayusai, or anything else. Post it here, maybe with a link.

@Bananadog can we use your AMAZING comic maker for this challenge?


I am too lazy to make it into a project (I must be first post!) so I'll do it later. But I think he decided to go ride by an cat for eternity!


Liza has said that he is traveling to Columbia


OF COURSE @Sparkczy!!!!! Please don't be afraid to use it! I'd love it if you use my project! Thanks!


I know, it's just for fun!


Ahhh. Well in that case... He must have run away to join the circus


I would turn it into a project like you said but I need to focus on my ice cream game. It is my best game yet! There are absolutely no lags or problems so far. I'm almost done!