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@Ian @Liza @alish is this all the hopscotch team or is there more need help with hopscotch servers? I am asking because I have been noticing peoples profiles do not have all of there projects and you have to searches up need help with these servers?


There are other people on the Hopscotch team, like @awesomeonion @thomas @Rodrigo @asha and more!

These folks aren't as active on the forum because they're focused on building the app, whereas @ian @alish and I are focused on building the community. Woot!

We are working on our servers since, as you know, they've been down a bunch. I think we're good for now but really appreciate your offer to help :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:


Do you know about the "invisible project" glitch? MagmaPOP has been having that with one of our collabs, and apparently it shows up through a link or when you search it up, but it's not on MahmaPOP's profile page!

I will send an email today, and I think @Ian would handle this better, as he is in charge of bugs (I think).

Meanwhile, @MagmaPOP, can you explain it more? :grin:


As explained by @ian via email, it's not a glitch. Projects with tons of code or text are slower to "go public" than others with simple code. This is because if a project has swears, then THT or the bot has to eliminate it. That's why if I publish a drawing it will be seen immediately whereas if I do a Illuminati consparicy it takes forever. (It's STILL not published D:) If @MagmaPOP s project has lots of code (judging that it's monopoly, it's going to be a TON) I think this why.


Also, projects can be unpublished if they contain certain words. This filter is not perfect and sometimes bans projects that are okay. For example, @mamgapop's monopoly project was recently banned by our filter incorrectly. I just republished—let me know if this solves the problem.


No, I don't see if :frowning:


Never mind, it just popped up for me. Thank you @Liza also, when is phone version coming out?. Just wondering :open_mouth:


I think mid 2016


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