I would LOVE to thank you all! CHALLENGE



Hi guys! I hope nobody flags dis. :grin::grin::grin:
I would LOVE to thank you all!
As some may know, my friend and I had a difficult confrontation in Target. You guys on Hopscotch are amazing friends, and you make me feel welcomed to the community, and I feel as if I have true friends. I love that you guys don't bully (most of you) and you NEVER judge somebody by the outside. I have a skin disease, and I worried once people found out and it got bad I would have anyone loyal. I would also like to thank you all to teach me true friendship, it helped me a lot. You guys rock! After joining this forum and discussing all of these coding related topics with you, I got my math grade up and my history grade wayyyyy above average. I've learned how to control my time.
Make a Thank-You note for hopscotch, and tell them about all of those great, awesome things that they did for you. You can keep going by thanking other people, and making Valentine's Day things for everybody. I won't be on Valentine's Day, it is a day of grief for me.
I would like to award all participants in this with likes, and the best ones with follows!
Thank You All!!


Since I can't give you a gift IRL, I will give you a virtual gift:

I'm sorry I couldn't help it :joy:

It's a joke don't get mad :smiley: