I would like to say this


I have been on this forum for 86 days and this forum is just an amazing place to share stuff and not for flame wars and saying mean things!
So I would like to thank @liza, @Montoya , @thomas ,@alish , @asha , @meg , @ian ,@Rodrigo , @awesomeonion and the other people in THT for this awesome forum and a awesome app called hopscotch!
And I also wanted to say I love all the friends I have made! I love everyone that has been nice to me and in my mind everyone is my friend!
And hs and the forum is not about likes or views it's about fun and learning to code and that is what hopscotch is all about!



yeah i dont like mean stuff

also whats the list????




what is the omtl????????????


Look at this topic


This is a great topic :D.


oh ok thx





Your welcome @dawnpokemoncool


I made a topic like this too! U r a SENPAI!


Im one of ur senpais??!


Yes u r a senpai senpie




Me luv topiks of positivity ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Me too!

Look inside
And bio