I would like to report 2 bugs


So i wanted to report a bug but before that I stumbled across another! So I decided to just make one topic about it, the first one:
so when your making something like this in your project and you decide to use copy and paste and just switch the values then everything is messed up! But when you publish the project then everything is working just fine! I tried this a few times and the same thing happens every time! The second one:
When you play a project some times the whole screen is back! The objects are still there and when you play it again than its fine again so this isnt to big of a bug but still... also i think this only happens with drafts but im not really sure so yeah thats the end


Yah those bugs should be fixed... I will put them in my official hopscotch update idea topic, which will be emailed to THT


The 'all-black-bug' I've had before, it happens when I'm in a project, and I close the iPad. Then the I open the ipad, the project turns all black.


Yes, I think so too. What happens to me though is just that the background turns black instead of white.