I won't be on for the next five days🙁


Don't worry I 'm not leaving I am just going on Spring Break to Disney World in Orlando Florida! I might not be on at all, but maybe a little​:grinning:


Have a great vacation!


Hey I went there! Have fun riding the mountains they're really fun! (If you go to magic kingdom)


I'm going to Magic Kindom tomorrow, I went to Animal Kingsom yesterday and today I am going to Hollywood Studios!




So am I!!!!!!!!! (I leave today) I now half-expect us to run into each other there. :open_mouth:


No, I'm traveling to Florida today, and going to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.
Now BOT!


:O! That's where I went! Except I went to Epcot instead of animal kingdom

now bye.


Have fun! Don't get grounded, or mess up. Have a good time. We'll miss you


Thanks, I'm going on the Rock 'n' Roller coaster today. It goes 60 miles per hour and goes upside down three times!


Sounds like fun!!!!!!!


Cool have fun and don't throw up


Wow that's crazy! My dad rode that one!


How many times does it loop


3 I went and had my eyes closed the whole time! :grinning::wink: