I Woke to A Wonderful Surprise :)



I love you guys

I woke up, and I saw this:

Thank you, for letting me know, I am
And Empathetic


I only got like the 3 basic ones :confused:


Hi LotsaPizza! I just earned a lot of cool badges too! And congratulations! That's a lot you earned!


I got all of those also!!!


I only got
Thank You
Gives Back


Me too. That does not make sense.


@Paydent12 and @Sprouse, you need to give so many likes you run out!

And I got the same thing, @LotsaPizza!


Same here! I got all eight badges, except "Admired"!


I got all of those too except 4 "Admired"


Lol we both posted the same thing jinx!


Here it goes! Like storm heading for the Drawing Topic! (A lot of replies, why not?)


Yep! I'm out of likes.... Why....


I just got all those badges
and I'm like "wut?"
Apparently they added new badges


I only got...
Thank you


I have all but the ones (autocorrect is a troll, I typed "expert for" and it changed to "with"
-_-) except for the ones with running out of likes, and empathetic. Although I love liking things


That's awesome! I got these ones:


Just gave you the 20th like. You deserve it.


I earned Respected!