I wish there was an update


I wish there would be this update where hopscotch shows how many people you are following and how many people are following you and if you can add pic's of yours and all that stuff


I agree that would be a nice feature


Yeah why is this not here yet it's an easy concept


Yah and it really would


You could post your idea here!


Great idea! That would be very helpful! Here's an already made topic to post your great idea in! :smile: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/ideas-for-a-new-hopscotch-update/1247


That would be a nice feature! But here is a pro and con list:

Edit with more!


  • Would be really cool!

  • You could actually see how many fans you have

  • If you have many, it would be a nice achievement!


  • Would take a while to do

  • Would make some people sad because they don't have many

  • People might brag
    In the end, it would be awesome, but it would take a while for THT to make!

  • Innapropriate profile pictures for people that have accounts with bad words in them

  • Personal information of pictures like faces


OMG I didn't even think of that


YES! I've thought of that about followers, and I'd love that @Tjordan5699!


Yeah I like the idea of knowing your followers.


They don't have it because if you have 0 followers the person might quit


So you're trying to say that followers discourage the person. I've kind of wanted this feature, but I agree with you too on that!


There was a project in hopscotch about this I remember it when I first came on. They talked about how there should be a way to show your followers!


Yeah people on hopsotch have publishing games that say we need to now how many people are following you