I will not be coding big games anymore



Recently ive given up hope to being featured - all the games i spend days working on only result in 1 or 2 likes i thought and I decided that i dont want to leave because want to keep coding its just that i dont want to code as big games anymore if thats what its going to result in also with the new editor and progress loss bugs it just makes it to hard to code big games anymore and i think i might start doing it again when school starts again but who knows


Do not give up.

One day, I decided I would put in the time and energy to make a big project, because everyday, I would go on Hopscotch and see all these amazing projects on featured, and realized I really wanted to be on there someday. So, I created my first "big project", Comic Maker! And it got featured! I made a few more big projects, and as a result of hard work, LOTS of time, and energy, I was featured a few more times and even got two projects on Game Changers! But it took so much time and effort for this to happen, it wasn't automatic. Don't give up, just keep coding, and you'll get there. :D


One time you will. I started out doing rps. Then I made a project with the video and it turned out cool. I was so proud of myself. I frowned the next day to find only 2 likes one of which by me! The most likes a had gotten so far was on a. Rp! (Literally it had 250 plays and 6 likes! (Love rp was what it was)) them I got inspired by corvous Rock Paper Scissors and made one. Then I did emojis. Random smile generator got on rising and is now at the top. It has 234 likes. But you know what? I don't care. I care about coding games that people can play. Featured is my dream too. Now I get about 20 likes on each project. Likes don't matter. The hopscotch team one day will see your good projects and put on on featured. It doesn't have to be a big game.

dont give up, I believe in you

Work hard and win. @Bananadog nicely said.


Banny and Murph are right! Do not give up!

You never know when you could get featured! I always got Featured when I least expected it! My first Features weren't even too amazing but still got there! You can too!


If you give up for featured, I will start doing rps again. Back to square one.


Saw that edit.


Yeah i currently have a huge project in my drafts but ever since the new update it made a lot harder to work but despite that I continued to work on but every time my all my progress had been deleted, just wiped away like nothing happened at some point like when i have to go back to school i will continue to work on it and make new projects like it


Have you told the HS team???


I will! @thebestest! Just more people doing weird rps...