I will make a Comic or book and publish one to itch.io!


This topic is just to let you know that one day I wont be on the forum I AM 100% SERIOUS.
I will be extremely busy making one with a program on my PC called "Paint".
Well if you don't know about itch.io just go there and you will know what it is. It is not an app only, but it is a site where they put the downloadable app there, well it is an automatic setup which they put it as an .exe.
Well, if you already know about that site, you didn't need to read that anyway.
But you can talk about it right in this topic(The comic only not itch.io!).


I don’t understand.


I don't really understand this topic. Is it related to hopscotch? If it is, I'm really sry, continue on and I'll leave. But, if it isn't then you should change it.


Itch.io looks like a game market, is it?


Maybe you want to explain this more? We're all confused!

Also, how is this hopscotch related?


They're saying that they won't be on the forum anymore.


Not anymore only for a day or two lol


how does this relate to hopscotch?
i know you say they're gonna be gone for a while but thats just a silly excuse


Yes, you can download games, publish Game Development Resources and more things.


That is an indie game sharing website, not a comic website why put a comic on there? It's like putting pad art on featured

Btw a way to call the program is ms paint or Microsoft paint


Make sure to relate all your topics to Hopscotch.

secretly tags


You can share comics and books too?
Do you know?