I will be posting shoutouts here!


Help you herd me I will also be making projects for them as well so enjoy!


Shoutout to Sir Sprinkles for being so cool and nice!


Ooh! I'll look him/her up!


This is why I love shout outs! People always shoutout people that aren't necessarily popular/famous, and then everyone looks them up, and guess what? They get new fans!!!


Yes please do she's awesome!


Shoutout to @Bananadog for making my favorite project!

If you have not played please check it out she did the best job ever!

https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvetfdgxd There it is doodle jump!


I just nominated the project for game changers!


Thanks so much @Huggingfluffybear! Thanks SOOO much! It means so much!:heart::blush:


YAY and They said they would think about it!


No problem it's my favorite project on hopscotch!


:grinning::blush:thanks so much!!!!


Once I had a shoutout it was so cool (I'm not saying gimme a shout out btw)


Shoutout to @Sugarisyummy

For being funny and cool!

As well...


For making really good leave a trail art and being so nice!

As well...

@razor for being supportive to @Bubbles4Ever929

As well...

@Ashtonman for being calm and cool!


And @seawolfwerehorse for making awesome music and being nice!


And @friendship2468 for being nice and supportive!


Thank You your pretty awesome at coding


Thank you!!!!


thank. @everyone. thank.


I'm not very supportive, but thank you for the comment. :wink:


Well your awesome at knowing your Harry Potter I'm more of a Percy Jackson fan aren't you potter studios?