I will be less active



I will be less active when school starts ;-;
I have…
• Math
• learning a different language
• skating
• swimming
• tennis
• piano
• science
• band practice
That's all I know for this year.
School starts on September 6th, 2016




Mai school started 3 weeks ago


School starts in early September for me. See ya!


And I have 1 hour of dang homework to do everyday!


Have fun at school!

My school started on Monday! XD


Mai school started on late July, and it is winter in mai place


If been there, ;-; I'm in advanced math so, I know what's it like


In July or August? Wait, winter?!


No snow! But low temperature, tough weathers and etc.
(Winter in NZ LOL)


Started on July 24th.


Yeah, I live in Southern Hemisphere


Aw! Lucky!! My school starts after next week!


It's ok, last year our school started August 31, 2015. They couldn't wait another day!


XD I am not gonna be on lots either.....I have soccer gymnastics AND piano...D:


Wow your busy!


What??????!??!??? How?????? My school starts in 3 weeks!


Ok, I see. Have fun at school (even though it's not that great)!




Your lucky, My school started on 8/15/16 and I was absent for a day, the thing is that I'm in 4th grade, so there isn't much homework at all for me to do, but lots of sign-and-return stuff. So far so good about school!