I was unfairly suspended for something that I didn't know was prohibited


I was suspended for 3 days for "not following the community guidelines", which according to Liza in an email was because I was using PMs. PMs are an important Discourse feature. I should have been warned before being suspended. I only thought it was prohibited for mods to make PMs, not using PMs from flagged replies. I will leave the forum until PMs are allowed.

Do you think PMs should be allowed?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not Sure


Votes are public.

The poll has been closed so there are more Yes votes than No votes.




I don't really know if they should be allowed. Can you make a IDK poll for it?


I honestly do not know what a PM is @ThePickle.


PMs are very useful for collab and stuff. As long as they're monitored.


PM means private message


They are very useful. A topic was unfairly closed (and deleted), so someone showed me the PMs. By the way, this is my last day on the forum.


@ThePickle I understand, and I, too, think PMs would be very useful. But I don't think you should go all the way to leaving. :confused:
I'm sorry if I come across as one of those people who won't let you make your own decisions, I just believe this matter isn't something to come across as a reason to leave. :wink:

Anyway, I (and probably THT) are sorry that you was suspended for something you didn't know wasn't aloud. (I made this sound like I'm part of THT :sweat_smile:)
Try emailing THT about your suggestion. I bet there is a way they can be sure to be able to monitor PMs. I mean, lack of moderation is why PMs aren't aloud I believe.




@MrHotdog64 what? Uhhhh


I'm sorry you weren't aware of this rule. :frowning: Maybe you could email Liza about it? Her email is liza@gethopscotch.com.

I agree, they're super useful, but the Hopscotch team doesn't have time to moderate all of the PMs, and they want to make sure everyone is following the Community Guidelines.


We need to be able to share passwords for collab accounts.



I don't want anyone to see my password for a collab or something. Or you want to talk to a hopscotcher in private.

I don't want anyone collecting info on that ._.


I wasn't. I thought it only said that mods couldn't make PMs. I think I deserve Regular.

Liza said why I was suspended in an email. It said that I was suspended for "Not following the community guidelines". I used a PM to protest it today.

Why can't they bring back leadership?


Liza's well aware of that. It's been mentioned before and they're working on a way for it. But PMs aren't the answer. It's also more work for THT because only admins can see and monitor PMs.


I thought mods could...


They can. They just don't want to.


Mods can make them but even mods can't see each others' PMs without being invited.


@MrHotdog64 @ThePickle ahh, I see now.
There are detours we can do if we want. Say, we can PM a moderator something they want to be said privately, in which they can PM to the other forumer.
This idea would obviously cause problems on being overwhelmed, so I believe these techniques would be restricted to only if you
have to—it wouldn't be used much.


I meant that they won't.

That's interesting...


Much quoting :open_mouth: