I Was Flagged... twice.😭



I got flagged a bunch of times. A lot of them are false .-.
Pls dont flag me


It's OK! Sometimes people make mistakes, but usually, you are very nice person! :3


Thank you @happyfacegirl!


It's okay! Flags are just a friendly reminder to GBOT, be appropriate, or to not spam! Next time you post, think about what you are posting and if helps the discussion. Everyone does make mistakes, so try learning from them! :slight_smile:


It's ok!

We all make mistakes!
It doesn't mean that your a mean person! Maybe it was flagged for another reason like spam or off topic!

Think of a flag as not a bad thing but a reminder from the community of something you may want to work on! :D


It's okay! Just because you're flagged doesn't mean you're a bad person. Flags are friendly reminders to follow our Community Guidelines. They help us learn from our mistakes. :smiley:

Here are the Community Guidelines of you haven't read them yet:




It's okay!

I've gotten flagged 7 times!


I have on,y been flagged once..lol I dunno how I did it??


I dunno what to type. Now.


Wait...the limit is 20 now, right?

I have 3, but one of them was just a guy and I don't think it was approved.


It's ok! Everyone makes mistakes. Flags aren't even that big of a deal, they just help keep things in order. :D


I think the only reason I got flagged once was because o alses


I mean, because I requested lol


I wait no, I got closed because I got requested... I'll just shu.t up


Like everyone typed, it's fine :wink:


It's okay. Nobody is perfect. Flagging is just a friendly reminder!

I've been flagged quite a few times actually.


I don't think I have ever been flagged.
Does it notify you when you have?
It's fine, its just a friendly reminder to GBOT, etc.


I haven’t been flagged, but you can hide it by doing this:

  1. Tap the … button by your post
  2. Click the Trash Can

Your post will be deleted. :)


Don't worry too much! Most people have been flagged.
(I've been flagged numerous of times, I'm a naughty bad girl…)