I Was Camping! :D


Guise, me went camping, so I was inactive.

I was finally enjoying nature and outside. The s'mores were good. XD

I camp in an RV. :D

I go camping every September, by the way. c:

So yeah! I'm here I guess.



Hi. You heard PT and Anon and some more ppl are leaving, right?


Yes. I heard it before I left.

I'm sad now. D:


Ikr dis is me




hkvgivugigfuiftuctyutyf is right :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed you, even tho it was only 3 days! ;-;
But nature's "nice" (I hate you, ants) :D


I leike RVs BTW​:wink:


Yay you're back! Whoa you're adventurous :D

My version of nature is going to the park and walking in it until I either get bored or I see a dog off a leash and run away (I'm totally serious XD)


True. I do the same thing except the dog part. The dog runs over and knocks me over then I run. Lol


Welcome back @EnchantedAnimallover!
I can't spam-like you, I'm out of likes...


Welcome back! I hope you had fun camping!


Stahp making me hungreh pls


Welcome back! :tada:


It looks like @Huggingfluffybear's username xD


Welcome back!


Cool. I like camping. I made a game based off of it a while ago. I'm on a computer now but I think my bio has a link. :D




Was that intentional?


The japenese? well i was on that keyboard and i needed 20 characters anyway so i just typed random stuff