I want to write a hopscotch-related story! Ideas?!


If you didn't know, I LOOOOOOVE writing! I want to share my writing with the forum community and just burst out rainbows of creativity!! :D
But I also have something I'm going to call "hopscotchers block." Basically anything Hospcotch-related I don't have any idea what I'm going to do. So I'm going to incorporate TONS of your ideas into one series!!! I'll post the stories here and possibly on Hopscotch. If you want, I can mention your username or you could be a main character! What should the series be called? How many characters? What should it be about?? Thank you SOOOO much for taking ur time to reply!! :slight_smile:


Cool! I'll right down some ideas :D


Well, stuff about system is always great.... but you could also do something about
-Being sucked in your iPad
-Meeting peeps irl.


A block picked a fight with another blocks, and da other blocked blamed it on ANOTHER block, then DAT other picked a fight with da block who picked a fight with dat other block, and on…


Ohmigod I have a cool idea. So let's say you're coding and all of a sudden you get sucked into the project! And what you have to do is code your way out and jump over like JavaScript or something.


K here ya go:

  • system being evil (a bot over done though XD)
  • magic trees
  • meeting formers IRL
  • making people who have senpai s go crazy

Idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We get it. So many blames.

Love it though XD


What do you mean...?


Who r u talking 2? Why am I using abbreviations

Eh…Mondays… although it's a Saturday


I'm talking to you, I'm not sure what you meant by "we get it. So many blames." :)


Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! I suggest getting some ideas from the "Imagination is cool, so use it here!" topic. In the meantime, I have some ideas.


@system being an absolute mad bot
Leaders using their powers
iPad Vortex (Sorry @AwesomeNachos!)
iOS 10
Everyone going to code camp...INSIDE HOPSCOTCH
@KVJ's 29173927393739 GIFs


@StarryDream kept saying that blocks blamed other blocks. Everyone kept blaming others! It shows that people need to be more responsible!

Although there was no satisfying end, we're gonna eventually run out of blocks!


They were blocks; it was just meant to be funny :)




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Oh.. Florida USA thats where


I'm in the UK of Pound Sterlings and British People.


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