I want to show pics



How do you post pics? I want to know really bad....Someone please respond...


Hi! You can post pics by tapping the button with an arrow coming from a rectangle:

And then when you tapped the button, press choose files and you can select pictures from your photo library!


Thank you so much!!!!


Where do you find the arrow and rectangle???


Are you on mobile or a computer? On mobile there is a button in the bottom right corner that says "Upload."


Im on an iPad but i figured out how to post pictures but thx! Want to be friends?


barges into topic I'd like to be friends!
runs away because I'm intruding soz


We can be friends too!!



I'm @KVJ (Durr) and KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge on HS, the one whose name is difficult to spell and worse to pronounce :joy:


Ha! Im BerryFOX on HS


Of course! Frens are fun!
I hang out on the drawing topic a lot, liking random stuffs and occasionally posting some bed art.


Ok! I like art too! And foxes!


Summons my good Frenpai @Fox :wink:


Hi! What time in your country right now? Its ok if you cant tell me...


It's around 9:00 EST. Sorry for not being exact, it's I just don't want to give away somewhat personal info. :wink:


Thats alright! Its 9:30 where i live!


Glad 2 meet someone else who loves foxes!
If you don't mind me asking, what state do u live in or even region if state is 2 personal.


Some of this is kind of private.....so I won't share stuff like this anymore


Please take this down. It shares private information, and it's not safe.
We want you to be safe on the forum!


How do you take it down?