I Want to Say I'm Sorry


What I did last night was really immature. I was actually really sad because of something that happened in real life, my grandpa passed away. Anyways, it got me all worked up, and I wanted to say I'm sorry to @Rainboom and @tankt2016 for the mean things I said. I'll remember for next time to stay off the forum when I'm upset.

And I'm really sorry. One thing did come out of last night, which was I found out I wasn't alone, and there there are other people who feel the same way, which really reassures me.

A special thanks to @Gilbert189 @Maltese and @Giraffedolphin26 for really reassuring me and cheering me up :D

Anyways, I really hope everyone can forgive me and I can move on from the past.


Don't feel bad when people say you're changing yourself to get leader! Just always make sure that inner Malie is still there in you! You may get yelled at for trying to be a good person, but I get yelled at for enforcing the rules. :joy:


:joy: Ya I just felt bad because I said something pretty mean in a nominations to leader topic :grimacing:


I'm so sorry! Mine passed away this year and the feeling of loss I had was sickening.

My great aunt passed away recently and when I was nine I used to talk on the phone with her. I cant even go to her funeral, which is devastating to me.


I'm sorry too :cry: But I think the best thing (at least for me), is to not talk about it on the forum because it just ends up making me mad and angry.


Whatever you wish for. :slight_smile:

I dont like it when people talk about sickening matters, like my cat, around me. I usually end up hiding in the bathroom on my ipod looking at pics.

And always remember, you are AMAZING!

Never let anyone get you down.


Thank you, it means a lot.



I'm glad you're feeling a bit better!
I know something like that can be very heartbreaking, and I really hope you feel much better about that soon.
I'm glad I got to cheer you up a bit, though! You should never feel alone <3<3
and just remember you'll always be a part of the skeleton clique ahehehe okay I'll let my fangirl self out now xD


how did you know?

This is wonderful


You have the right to get irritated or mad if people keep saying you're changing yourself to be leader. You're the same Malie that I saw join and I don't think you changed at all besides being more helpful

But when we get our emotions rising, we have to think about the long term consequences that could occur by letting those emotions out. But honestly you're awesome and you really helped the forum move on by apologizing. Kudos :thumbsup:


100% agreement! :D

And dont let that get you down- you are super helpful!:smiley:


I understand! :3

It's alright :D



It's ok, everyone makes mistakes!

The thing to remember about leaving is don't overreact! And if you do, then realise it!
And you realised :3

This topic is making me cry with happiness! It's the perfect cherry to a perfect-day ice cream :DDDD


That's good!:wink:
When I get angry, I get REALLY angry. And I do overreact sometimes.
Just remember. You can never make everybody happy. It's good to restrict the rules in a friendly way, but at some occasions it is best to stay silent.:wink:


My grandfather passed away 4 years ago but I never really knew (I didn't even know his real name!) so um I didn't cry

the shade tho


I'm very towards my parents but I've never been close towards my grandparents.


My great aunt dudes exactly a year ago last month I was devastated she'd had a few falls but had always been good then one day we got a call from her daughter my aunt saying in tears that her mum had 6 hours to live! My sis and bro couldn't visit her they knew they wouldn't cope but I still feel like rubbish everyday of my life as when I went up to her hospital bed I saw that her golden hair the day before was now as white as snow I cried my mum said to stay strong for my aunt but I couldn't my aunt her husband my uncle and my great aunts brother was there and I just cried I'm so ashamed I cried and ran I couldn't cope I then went back in and my aunt explained she cannot see me coz she's tired but could hear me so she said "guess what Mum Jessie's here and sue come talk to her Jess!" I walked over and said "hello auntie Joanne I love u I'll... Miss.." And that was it I couldn't hug her nothing and when we got to the car my mum said I knew I shouldn't have took you! (She died 7 1/2 hours later) I acted like a moro.n for a few months but u hav to get on with life still I never forgave myself but remember even when u feel like rubbish he will always be there for u! My mum went to a phscic person once. Before I was born and the woman just said to her "u know ur kitchen light keeps flickering lately well it's your father in law he's trying to tell u when ur sad that he's there ok so just say come on Jim that's enough and he will!" This was so true and he did! So stay happy @Malie