I want to learn the musical notes!


Hello…I want to add different sound effects in my games,so I decided to learn to use the musical notes to add some music in my games. Can somebody help me with this?(I SBYP,and this is 100.00000000% related to hopscotch!)


Just look up musical notes on YouTube.

Or search treble clef and bass clef, since those are what HS uses.


I just want to see how these could be used as sound effects



I’d talk to maybe @comicvillestudios. They sound like a good reference for that kind of stuff.


Well, search up a song and then its piano notes. Make sure that everything is correctly timed. After a week or two with Hopscotch, when I was a beginner at coding, I could make “Twinkle twinkle little star” using sound blocks. That song isn’t to difficult to do.


I do piano so I might be able to help


I understood nothing. I don’t know what note is what! They look like insects to me


Ok,I came up with ascending scales as a practice.


sorry I’m really late but this might help you if you still need it and i’m sure there’s plenty of youtube videos that can help with your problem

(this is just treble cleff, which are basically the ‘high’ notes. there’s also a bass cleff for the ‘low’ notes and you can search that up too)