I want to know if I'm a good coder!?



I would ask my friends but I can't trust them with that stuff they will compare me to the games they play!

  • You are Bad
  • You are Ok.
  • You are Good!
  • You are Great!!
  • You should get featured!!!



My name on hopscotch is MrGrilledChese


Tip: try coding big projects for more likes, and publish a lot of tests!


Thank you for the tip @tankt2016


You're welcome! Check out our profile too, for more tips! And Hopscotchers like people who use a lot of values.


Meh no see logic! Meh need logic! Meh no laik it when unfinished project by misa is on featured! XD


Lel same...

I think @kenlauescuadro is feeling the same way! xD


Um..... Feeling what? (Sorry, I can't find the post with it)


Btw, Congrats!! :D


Yeah, that's definitely me xD