I Want To Get Back In The Coding Spirit




I've been loving to go on the forum recently, but I've abandoned my HS account. Sometimes, I think, "Imma code something big today!" But then when I enter a draft, I'm like, "Meh."

I want the daily "I should make a project today!" Be a "YAY!!" Again, instead of an "Ugh..."
I don't know if it has to do with how I stopped coding for a long time, or what.

I've been keeping this in, I mean, I hadn't told anyone on the forum yet. I really don't know if.. it was Because of the deat.h of my cat and grandmother even though that was a while ago..

Either way, I WANT to love coding again. But, I don't love coding anymore.. I Want To Get Back In The Spirit.


First replay!!! Yay and okie


My best tip is to make something you want to make, and if you don't have any ideas, look at other projects and get inspired!

To get back, code things in drafts and when you feel that you have it, try to make something big. This spring, I didn't had time to code, so I just reposted old things or posted small projects in a month. I took some time, but then I was back on the track again!


Me this year... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


@William04GamerA thanks. I was actually updating a project (using this advice) I made that was lost to Beta 0.3 but I can't put it up because there is a major bug for a drop down menu on it..


I might be able to help you with the bug.


@William04GamerA no it's fine I fixed it


Can't wait to see it!


If you don't feel like coding in Hopscotch, you could always try a text-based coding language, or some other block-coding language like Scratch or Tynker. :smiley:


@Liza see what? Lol

It's very rare for you to reply to one of my topics X(D

@Rawrbear I don't like text based coding, it's too hard... :stuck_out_tongue: and meh it takes a while to get on Scratch..


You edit!
*le gasp


@kubajr awkward moment

Don't Tell Anyone Of My Secrets...





@kubajr saved by the bell.... or promise.. :sweat_smile:


She means your coding spirit. :D


@Rawrbear oh... lol my brain be like, "wat" and now by brain be like "oh dat makes sense"
What am I doing with my life X(D


Don't worry! XD